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eCommerce eCo-System

  • Now you have access to all services you need to build and grow you eCommerce business

Building you eCommerce Business

You have taken the first step to commence your online sales and leads, now build your business with add-on features that facilitate your growth. eCanuks has a team to hand hold you all the way.

Design Add-on

  • Looking to design your logo or improve it? Get web banners, videos or customize templates, our backend team will help you.


Get the domain of your choice as very competitive price. It an investment to getting your identity registered on the web. We will help you purchase the domain and align it with you website.

Payment Gateway

  • All e-commerce web templates come with a payment gateway and cash on the delivery feature. Start billing from day one of launch, you can accept payment GLOBALLY! Go ahead and sell to the world.

Lead Management

  • eCanuks team can help you generate leads for your website. These can be done by helping you make your site more attractive, easy to use, write interesting content and help running search engine optimization, plus many more services as and your grow.

Social Management

  • Link your Facebook & Instagram pages to your website. Convert queries and leads into sales by re-directing your customers to your site. Fully integrated e-commerce solutions.

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Custom design packages

Get a custom design that’s unique to your brand and responsive to your customers’ shopping needs.

Design Packages

Design add-ons

Choose the custom design elements you need, from custom branding to landing page designs.

Design add-ons

Free ecommerce themes

Pick from one of our free themes to quickly set your design and start selling.

Free ecommerce themes

Premium ecommerce themes

Impress your customers with a professional store design created by our team of web design experts. Select from premium themes starting at $50.

Free ecommerce themes

Responsive ecommerce themes

Choose from our selection of free and premium responsive themes, ready to adapt to any screen size.

Responsive ecommerce themes

Mobile ecommerce Themes

Get a custom design that’s unique to your brand and responsive to your customers’ shopping needs.

Mobile Themes